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Epic Cat Mural

cat mural

Check Out This Happy Cat Mural in Naperville, Illinois by Artist Laura Lynne

So, I wanted to wait to show you this cat mural until I had some nice, professional photos to share. However, I finished painting just before quarantine and I wasn’t able to coordinate with my photographer (Amy Nelson Photography in Aurora. Check her out. She’s fantastic!) to get out to the house in time. However, since this quarantine is going on forever, I felt I should share this now. Then, when you see how amazing it looks when Amy takes photos of it, you can enjoy the cute cat paintings with better lighting all over again!

Here is a work in progress on the summer and fall themed mural walls . One of my favorite silly, happy cats is the one with the three hula hoops and heart sunglasses. Yes, I use a basket to hold and transport my mural paints. The carpet in the play room was installed while the mural was just getting started, so I had to cover it with plastic, plus add a few drop cloths on top. White carpet + paint = nervous artist!

The lucky little girl who gets to play in this room loves ice skating and winter, so I wanted to make these scenes really special for her. Every snowflake is different. These walls are the first ones on the left after you walk into the room.

Next, it’s spring time for the cats. A baby kitten splashes in the puddle while the mother cat watches sometimes and other times is lost in her happy thoughts. The colors in the mural painting are getting brighter and more cheerful.

Here the cats are enjoying summer. The flowers are blooming and the butterflies are flying around. Note that trees divide each season. The tree on the left has some flowers in the spring panel, but just leaves in the summer. Hula hooping cat makes me giggle. I liked this kitty so much that I decided to make a small mixed media artwork and fine art prints inspired by her.

The room is not perfectly square as you can see here, but that made it more fun to paint! Here are the rest of the summer felines cat-napping under an umbrella and floating in a boat. More butterflies and flowers bloom in these sweet walls.

The original plan for the mural was to have this little alcove host a doll house, but the client said the mural was “too pretty to cover up” (Aw! Thank you!) so these cats were added into the plans. The cartwheeling kitty cat is one of my favorites! Isn’t she cute?

After the alcove, the ceiling dips down on an angle. These are the first cats you see as you walk into the room.

There you have it! A room made simply for the cutest cat lover you’ll ever meet. I don’t know what she was more excited about, the handmade stuffed cat created by my artist friend, Leslie Jenner‘s mother, that I brought in for inspiration and later gave to the client, or the mural. 😉 I sure would love a play room like this one! What do you think?

About the Artist: Laura Lynne is a mixed media and mural artist based in Aurora, IL. She is best known for her whimsical and colorful designs. Check out more of her work here. Follow on Instagram or Facebook to see the newest work. These artworks take a lot of time and love. If you like what you see, please consider becoming a patron.

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Vertical Mural Plans

Hello! I wanted to share with you some mural plans for tall, vertical walls and some good news! The Astronomer Turtle plan was picked for one of the 2019 Oak Park Mini Murals! I’m really excited to start working on this design and quote. It has been one of my most popular prints as the originals are in a private collection.

artwork for a mini mural in Oak Park, IL. Astronomer turtle with vintage telescope and Serbian proverb.
Astronomer Turtle with Proverb is the design chosen for one of the 2019 Oak Park Mini Murals
Mural Plan for vertical wall of a blue sun, hills and flowers
Tall, Vertical Design of “Scarlet Begonias”. This design can be adjusted to be even taller, if necessary.
Blue and purple dragonfly with water lillies and lotus flowers for tall vertical wall
Dragonfly mural design for tall, vertical wall. This design can also be adapted to be even more vertical.
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Bloom Where You’re Planted Quote Art and Public Mural

Utility Box Mural with flowers and Bloom Where You Are Planted Quote

I chose the “Bloom Where You Are Planted” design for the utility box mural in downtown Aurora as a message of love and hope for the community. There are so many people working to make Aurora a better place to live, and it seems to be working. The downtown has changed dramatically since we’ve moved here in 2008. The musicals at the Paramount are incredible, the new murals have really brightened and livened up the city. Public areas are being remodeled and some excellent restaurants and coffee shops have moved into downtown. Beautiful butterfly gardens dress up the streets. Aurora Downtown, city workers and volunteers help to host fun free events, like First Fridays, Alley Art Fest, and others. I hope my mural has added to the positivity going on in downtown Aurora and that we see even more growth and roots here.

Bloom Where You're Planted Quote Wall Art in Navy Blue and Pink
Bloom Where You’re Planted, Color Altered Archival Print Reproduction
Buy a print here.

Over ten years ago I moved to Aurora, IL from Milwaukee, WI. I had lived in Wisconsin for 30 years before moving to Aurora, owned a home, had a good job, and felt very connected to my community. Aurora is growing on me, however, there are many things I miss terribly from my previous home state – the nature, lakes, parks left mainly in their natural state, and living closer to my family and friends. So, I made the art to remind myself to be present and thankful for what I have – to work on making our home a nice place to live, planting a literal garden, and to work on making friends and connections here.

Utility Box Mural with flowers and Bloom Where You Are Planted Quote
Bloom Where You’re Planted Mural in Downtown Aurora Illinois, 116 W New York St

If you are interested in a mural indoors or out, please contact me to arrange your free consultation today.