Magical Green Original Unicorn Art in Vintage Frame

Original Mixed Media Unicorn Art in Vintage Frame 

Oval Green Unicorn Mixed Media Art with Vintage Oval Frame
“Unicorn Nest”, Mixed Media Collage Art, 2016, 32×36 inches

My room was decorated in unicorns growing up in the 80’s. Mom cut out and sewed a simple unicorn with a yellow horn on a plain blue bedspread and my aunt made a ceramic unicorn head attached to a wooden placard with my name to hang on the door.  My unicorn-loving self-identity also included My Little Ponies, one favorite unicorn shirt with 3/4 purple sleeves, and liking the movies, The Last Unicorn, and that one with Tom Cruise in it, Legend. While I appreciated my mom and aunt’s gifts, my room wasn’t transformed into a magical unicorn forest like the movies.

It took me years to do my first unicorn illustrations. Maybe because they still seem a little too special to me? I knew they needed to include a magical setting or forest, but I was waiting for the perfect inspiration.

Magical Forest Unicorn Art Inspiration

In 2017, I was hiking in Door County, Wisconsin and spotted a small patch of white flowers that looked as if they were glowing! I walked closer and thought that it looked like such a magical place – the plant was growing out of acorn leaves and acorn caps. I later found out it was called Ghost Plant or Indian Pipe. It doesn’t have any chlorophyll, which explains the “glowing” effect. A few months later I sketched my idea for the unicorn nest and created the artwork using my photographs as inspiration.

The frame comes from a hand-carved vintage Italian mirror.

This original mixed media art with vintage wood frame is sold.  Unicorn Nest prints are available in three colors.

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