Corporate Team Building Art & Creativity Workshops
corporate team building art & creativity workshops

(Art and creativity workshops can be virtual or in-person.  I am located in Aurora, IL which is roughly 40 miles west of Chicago, but will travel.)


Do you work in a field where details are key?  Are you a surgeon, police officer or a detective, perhaps?  In this workshop, you’ll learn how to notice details by studying art history and drawing.  We’ll look at examples from the book, Visual Intelligence by Amy E. Herman.  No previous drawing or art skills required.  Contact me for pricing and availability.


Drawing is the most important skill artists can learn.  For this 45 minute – 2 hour workshop, I bring in live flowers, shells, or fruit so that students can study from life.  We’ll watch this drawing video I made to get our confidence going and know it’s okay to make mistakes.  Contact me for pricing and availability.


The ability to think creatively is important no matter your profession. Solving problems visually and boosting the creative brain with these exercises and projects may translate into solving problems in the workplace. Join Laura Lynne in a fun and collaborative creativity workshop to grow your team’s visual problem solving brains and have a little fun along the way!  Contact me for more information and pricing.


Team build with a fun and creative art collaboration. All attendees will create a piece of art that will go into a collaborative collage assembled with my help. Hang the art in your office as a reminder to work as a team and collaborate.  (Artwork can be emailed to me if class is done virtually.)

See more information on collaborative art projects here. Contact me for more information, in-person pricing, and package pricing.


Learn how to create a large scale mural or have your group do a collaborative mural with me! Contact me for pricing and availability.


In this 2-3 hour workshop, we’ll watch shadow puppet play examples, then make butterfly shadow puppets and landscape scenery.  I’ll bring my large portable shadow puppet screen and lights to make a short shadow puppet video like this oneContact me for pricing and availability.


Laura Lynne is a mixed media collage artist and mural painter known for using bright colors and creating whimsical designs inspired by nature. She has experience teaching art at a variety of levels and also virtually during the pandemic with the DuPage Children’s Museum’s artist-in-residence program. She has a Bachelor of Fine Arts with a concentration in painting and drawing from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee and has travelled extensively around the United States, Europe and the Mediterranean to study art history on location. Laura believes that you are unique and so is your art. What is important is that you enjoy creating art and work on growing your creative brain! See more of my art.

Do you have a question about art classes? Please contact me at or 208-991-2178.

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