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Virtual or In-Person Art Classes | Group or Private Art Instruction |

 Art Classes for Kids and Adults

Private 1:1 Adult Art Classes in my Studio at Water Street Studios, Batavia, IL

Develop your unique artistic style with the help of one-on-one professional art instruction.  We will work together to see where you are in your artistic journey and what direction you’d like to take your art.  One-on-one art instruction offers the time and attention to your personal art practice and techniques to bring your art to the next level.

I am proficient in watercolors, oil pastels, pastels, acrylic painting, collage, gouache, Adobe Premiere Pro basics, and can offer advice on photographic works using the elements and principles of design and Photoshop.  I also have an oil painting background, however, am adverse to the fumes.

Fee:  $40/hr + supplies, if necessary

Private Virtual 1:1 Adult Art Classes via Zoom

This art instruction works the same way as the in-person art classes only via Zoom.  It helps if you have two cameras:  an overhead camera, or phone on your art, plus another camera on you, but isn’t a requirement.

Fee: $40/hr + supplies and shipping, if necessary

Kids Art Classes via Zoom

Would you like small art class for your kids and/or their friends?  Let me know what they’d like to learn and I will develop a program just for you!  This is perfect for homeschooled children, preschool kids with their adult helpers, or your young artist who would like after school or summer art instruction.

$40/hr for up to 3 kids, $10/additional child up to 6 total + supplies and shipping, if necessary

Art Workshops for Corporations and Schools -Virtual or In-Person in the Chicago Area

Creativity Workshops

The ability to think creatively is important no matter your profession.  Solving problems visually and boosting the creative brain with these exercises and projects may translate into solving problems in the workplace.  Join Laura Lynne in a fun and collaborative creativity workshop to grow your team’s visual problem solving brains and have a little fun along the way!

Fee for non-profit organizations and schools:  $300 for a 3 hour workshop + supplies and shipping, if necessary

Fee for corporations:  $600 for a 3 hour workshop + supplies and shipping, if necessary

Collaborative Art Workshops & Projects

Team build with a fun and creative art collaboration.  All attendees will create a piece of art that will go into a collaborative collage assembled with my help.  Hang the art in your office as a reminder to work as a team and collaborate.

Workshop Only Fee for non-profit organizations and schools:  $300 for a 3 hour workshop + supplies and shipping, if necessary

Workshop Only Fee for corporations:  $600 for a 3 hour workshop + supplies and shipping, if necessary

If you would like for me to take the art you create in the workshop and assemble it into a digital file or physical artwork, here is the pricing:

Digital File:  $300

Archival Print Reproductions: $300 digital file + $20/6×8″ print, $26/8×10″ print, $32/11×14″ print, $40/12×16″ print

Original Artist Assembled Artwork: prices starting at $500 for 11×14″ collage

Contact me for package pricing.

Free Art Critiques and AP Art Portfolio Critiques

Would you like your art reviewed by a professional artist?  Are you a high school art student working on your AP Art portfolio and would like to get more eyes on your art?  Contact me for a one-time free 15 minute critique via Zoom.

Additional minutes are $10/15 minutes or $40/hour.

If you are local to the Chicago area, I can also review your art in-person at Water Street Studios in Batavia, IL.

More Art Classes and Workshops Coming Soon!

In-Person Art Classes, Workshops, and Summer Art Camps at Water Street Studios in Batavia, IL for Kids and Adults

COMING SOON!  Check Water Street Studios for a schedule of group classes I’m teaching for kids and adults.  If you don’t see anything you’d like to learn, please contact me and I can work on developing a class because if you want to learn about it, there are others who probably do too.  Here is a link to find out more about classes at Water Street Studios.

Virtual Collaborative Art Workshops with Laura Lynne Art & the DuPage Children’s Museum

Art instructors and schools can purchase a set of my art instruction videos from the DuPage Children’s Museum leading to a collaborative collage project.  Art teachers can assemble the art on their own or with my help.  More information about this program and special pricing coming soon.

Art Instructor Bio:

Laura Lynne is a mixed media collage artist and mural painter known for using bright colors and creating whimsical designs inspired by nature.  She has experience teaching art at a variety of levels and also virtually during the pandemic with the DuPage Children’s Museum’s artist-in-residence program.  She has a Bachelor of Fine Arts with a concentration in painting and drawing from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee and has travelled extensively around the United States, Europe and the Mediterranean to study art history on location.  Laura believes that you are unique and so is your art.  What is important is that you enjoy creating art and work on growing your creative brain!  See more of my art.

Do you have a question about art classes?  Please contact me at or 208-991-2178.