Why Study Art? 7 Reasons Why Art Class is Important

Why Study Art with Laura Lynne?

7 Reasons Why Art Class is Important

  1. According to the Harvard Business School, creativity is an in-demand skill.  My curriculum encourages creativity which means most of the time the projects won’t look alike and may not even have any recognizable subjects in the younger grades.  Read more about the importance of creativity according to Harvard here. 
  2. Art class reinforces, compliments, and adds to many general education subjects like history, geography, science, and math.  For example, students will learn about the physics of light and color in my color theory class.  Learning art history is a fun way to make connections to your child’s world history class.  Your child will expand their vocabulary with words like analogous, triadic, asymmetrical, radial balance, atmospheric, tessellation, etc…
  3. Learning observational drawing (drawing from life or a photo) and looking at the details in complicated artworks practices the art of perception.  This skill is important for careers in the medical field and policing, among others.  If you’re interested in learning more about this, check out the book Visual Intelligence by Amy E. Herman.  
  4. Art classes improve SAT test scores.  
  5. Art can be a relaxing hobby and used to express emotions that children may not otherwise know how to express.
  6. Finger dexterity in medical students is decreasing.  Weaving, sewing and other fine motor skills practiced in art class help to improve dexterity.  Read more about it in this article in the New York Times:  Your Surgeon’s Childhood Hobbies May Affect Your Health.  
  7. Designing and finishing a project helps grow your child’s executive function skills in a fun way. 

7 Reasons why we need art class

Convinced?  Check out my art classes and workshops offered online or in-person in the Chicago metro area for kids or adults.

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