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Mixed Media Artist | Mural Painter | Art Teacher

Laura Lynne Artist holding Scissors and Color Paper
Photo by Amy Nelson

Laura Lynne Art = Color + Nature + Whimsy

Hello!  Welcome to my website! The art I create is inspired by the deep connection with nature I developed as a child, poems, song lyrics, fairy tales, and poster design. My mixed media artworks are created using paper of all kinds, a scissors, hole punch and sometimes an x-Acto knife, which means my art studio sometimes might look like it just rained confetti. The original art has a rich, raised texture as I layer and layer the different papers with acrylic medium. I strive to be in a contented state while I create so I often gravitate towards bright color combinations and often include metallic foil papers.
My mural work uses the same whimsical subjects, metallic paints and bright colors. Often my mixed media work will inspire mural designs and my mural designs will turn into mixed media art.
I enjoy doing commissions, collaborations, and teaching art at all age levels.

It is very important to me that art be accessible and affordable to all people so I also create archival giclee reproductions of my work.

Creating original art that is colorful and fun makes me feel so happy. I look for the magic in nature, then add in some bright colors and whimsical twists. There is most always music on while I work and often it influences my art and illustrations.

Mixed Media Collage Artist

I went to school for painting and drawing, but always loved collage. When we were kids, my mom would sometimes give us craft projects to do. My favorite one was when she gave us a bunch of different papers, patterned paper, doilies, scissors and glue to create Valentine card collages. I loved using the different textures of papers and trying to figure out how to combine the colors and texture to design the card art. Check out my colorful and whimsical mixed media art gallery or learn more about how I create archival mixed media collages.

dragonfly mixed media paper cut collage art process by Laura Lynne Art
Dragonfly Work in Progress

Chicagoland Mural Artist

colorful and whimsical mural painter in Chicago area, Laura Lynne Art working on utility box flower mural

In middle school our art teacher worked on a large collaborative mural with our small class. She gave me some of the leftover paint and my mom let me paint on the walls in my room for practice! It was a long time after high school until I completed my next mural. After college, I went into the corporate world and didn’t have a lot of time for art. Then after my son was born I stayed home with him and built up my art and mural business during naps. The first mural I did after high school was a large family tree mural in a dining room. The family used it to hang their photos. In 2019 I painted 6 murals – public, private and for local businesses. It’s so fun to paint large on walls! See and read more about my mural paintings.

Laura Lynne Art Chicago based female mural artist & illustrator
Photo by Amy Nelson

ribbon cutting for new laura lynne art mural painting for domestic violence awareness in Batavia IL Chicagoland

If you’d like to learn more about me personally, you can read more about my life and inspirations here.

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