Yetee Mural
The Yetee Warehouse Mural, 2019, Aurora, IL
Mural by Green Line in Oak Park Illinois
Astronomer Turtle and Be Noble Quote Mural, 2019, Green Line Stop Oak Park, Illinois
Oak Park Illinois Murals by CTA Green LIne Stop
Wall of Murals by CTA Green Line Stop in Oak Park, Illinois (Astronomer Turtle Work in Progress, 2019)
Bloom Where You’re Planted (Back), 2018, Aurora IL
Bloom Where You’re Planted (front), 2018, Aurora, IL
Moon and Stars Mural, 2019, Aurora, IL
Family Tree Mural, 2015, Waukesha, WI

Mural Mock-Ups

These designs are available. Here is what they would look like on a large-scale wall. Check out more of my art to find a design you like and contact me to get on this year’s mural list.

Celestial Hot Pink Peacock Mural Plan Mock-Up
The Treehouse Mural Plan Mock-Up