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Hello!  Welcome to my mural gallery!  I paint custom interior and exterior murals in a colorful and whimsical style.  I’ve done public art murals, murals for businesses or corporate murals, and private interior murals.  The paints I use are high quality so that the color will stay vibrant.  Check out my work below.  

Large Public Community Murals

I painted this mural with another local artist, Catalina Diaz.  We also organized a team of volunteers to help per Aurora Downtown’s request as part of the project.  It was really fun.  Read about the Aurora Unity Mural here.  Read about working with me on a public mural collaboration here.  

community mural painting volunteers chicago aurora

Utility Box Public Mural Painting

This utility box mural was my first public mural commissioned by Aurora Public Art!  I was so excited and since it’s in my home city, I drive by it all the time and get to feel excited all over again each time.  The front has a message of hope for my city that we can all bloom and grow and work together to make something beautiful.  So many people have contributed to improve Aurora, and I was glad I could use my art to do a little bit to help.  

Bloom Where You’re Planted (Back), 2018, Aurora IL

Bloom Where You’re Planted (front), 2018, Aurora, IL

Printed “Soar” Mural for Domestic Violence Awareness

This mural was done as a mixed media work, then scanned and printed on metal. It hangs outside of Water Street Studios in Batavia, IL. The art was commissioned by Mutual Ground, a local domestic violence shelter. The original art hangs behind their reception desk. Read more about the mural for domestic violence awareness here.

Cat Mural

Read more about this cute cat mural here.  This four seasons colorful cat lover custom designed cat mural painting wraps the entire play room loft area.  

cat mural play room
Cat Mural Play Room, 2020, Naperville, IL

Turtle Astronomer Mural, Oak Park, IL.


This mural was painted near the CTA  (Chicago Transit Authority) Green Line stop in Oak Park, IL for the Oak Park Area Arts Council.  I just love this quote!  It’s so inspiring.  “Be noble for you are made of stars, be humble for you are made of Earth.”  If you come to visit Chicago, be sure to take the short train ride to check out this wall of murals in Oak Park, and of course all of the beautiful Frank Lloyd Wright architecture.   I have prints of this design here.  

Mural by Green Line in Oak Park Illinois

Oak Park Illinois Murals by CTA Green LIne Stop
Wall of Murals by CTA Green Line Stop in Oak Park, Illinois (Astronomer Turtle Work in Progress, 2019)

Three Seasons Mural at The Yetee Warehouse, Aurora, IL

This mural was painted near the front doors of this business in a little alcove.  The Yetee owner wanted a Pacific Northwest feel so I added in mountain goats, Douglass squirrels, banana slugs, plus a little unicorn and yeti tracks in the snow, of course!  It’s fun to stand inside this space and be immersed in the bright colors.  

Yetee Mural

Nursery Room Mural

This was a private mural I painted for a cute little baby boy’s nursery room.  The parents wanted a space theme with stars and planets.  Below is his sweet newborn photo.  

Moon and Stars Mural, 2019, Aurora, IL

Tween/Teen Graffiti Style Love Mural

This mural was painted for a tween/teen hang out area in her room.  It was meant to be a bright and colorful selfie wall backdrop for photos with her friends.  

graffiti style colorful love mural for tween or teen room in Chicago area
“Love” Graffiti Mural, Naperville, IL


Family Tree Dining or Living Room Mural

Here is a tree I did that sprawled around this dining room wall.  There was also a heart with the owner’s initials, their kids, and little paw prints with their dog’s initials.

Family Tree Mural, 2015, Waukesha, WI

Mural Mock-Ups – These Designs are Available

These designs are available. Here is what they would look like on a large-scale wall. Check out more of my art to find a design you like and contact me to get on this year’s mural list.

Celestial Hot Pink Peacock Mural Plan Mock-Up
The Treehouse Mural Plan Mock-Up


Temporary  Community Mural

Black Lives Matter Community Mural Collaboration, 35 North Broadway, Aurora, IL

It’s so fun to collaborate with local artists.  I was honored to work on the same wall as Aurora native, Pierre Lucero, for this temporary plywood window cover after the riots in Aurora.  We wanted to show our support for the Black Lives Matter movement and those hurting in our community with our art.  Artists, Jen Keller, Catalina Diaz, and Laura Reyes and I worked on the flowers surrounding Pierre’s mural of the hands.  

More Murals

Contact me for a free consultation for your custom mural painting at or call 208-991-2178. 

Read more about my mural work here or check out mural locations here.  

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