Mural Collaborations for Your School, Office, Home or City Community

large mural painted by community volunteers in Aurora, IL lead by artists Laura Lynne & Catalina Diaz

Seeing an artwork that your family, employees or students helped to paint and create is big for morale.  However, make it a fun and colorful design by Laura Lynne and it’s even better!  Laura will design a mural painting to your specifications.  Then, she will apply the outline to the wall for you to paint with her assistance.  After your family or group paints the mural, Laura will go over the mural and add the details and/or touch up any areas.

Mural Painting Workshops

In addition, I can lead your group in mural painting workshops or classes.  Here, we can cover mural design, painting techniques, and scaling options (how to get your small design on the big wall) for large scale murals.  We can also use workshops to plan and design your mural.

Aurora Gateway Unity Mural Volunteers with Laura Lynne

In the mural photo above, I am teaching a troop of Girl Scouts how to paint on this highly textured wall without dripping too much paint.  We drew the outline for all of the shapes, then created a giant paint by numbers so the girls knew which color to use.  They did an amazing job!

Collaborative Mural Painting Pricing

  • Pricing for mural work is by the square foot depending on the size and amount of details, usually $20-$50 per sq ft.
  • Additional costs for paints and brushes
  • Workshops are charged hourly, plus per group member (package pricing available)
  • Travel costs if outside of the greater Chicago area
  • Obtaining any written permissions or permits from landlords or government offices are responsibility of group

Contact me at or 208-991-2178 for a free consultation.

I also do smaller collaborative projects that can be done in person or virtually by emailing me the art.  Find out more about wall art collaborations here.

*The mural in these photos was designed by Laura Lynne Art, LLC (lead artist), and Catalina Diaz Art.  Photos by Vizo Arts.


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