Art Collaborations

Collaborate with Laura Lynne Art

Work with Artist, Laura Lynne, to Create a Memorable Artwork and Experience

Hello!  I love to do art collaborations!  I’ve collaborated with a lot of people and groups of people throughout my art making career, from individuals to school groups and groups of children, including patrons of the DuPage Children’s Museum.  It’s really fun to work with kids and see their faces when I show them a piece of art that I created using their artwork.

Examples of Art Collaborations with Kids

Here is an example of an artwork I created using flowers from a preschool class.  The collaborative project included a flower making workshop and a story with the kids.  I used the beautiful flower collages they created during the workshop, then added my own collage materials and hand-painted details like the vase and butterfly.

Floral Art collaboration with preschool classroom and artist Laura Lynne


Currently, I am working virtually with a group of children through the DuPage Children’s Museum to create a large artwork of an Illinois prairie nature scene.  For this project, I created instructional videos that the kids can do on their own or with their adult.  Plus we do live workshops meeting with the kids via zoom to teach them a short art making lesson and create work for the project together.

Rates for Art Workshops, Virtual Live Art Classes, & Artworks

Do you have a group or people you know who would like to work with a professional artist to create an artwork?  Are you looking for a unique gift for a grandparent representing artwork from the whole family?  Do you want to do a fun team building workshop with your employees?

Virtual Art Class Workshops:

Your virtual workshop is a class learning about drawing and collaging or painting flowers or other pre-determined subject matter.  Your team would design and assemble any final artwork.

Virtual art making workshops for school groups and non-profits:  $50/hr

Virtual art making workshops for businesses and corporations: $100/hr

Collaborative Floral Art:

If you would like for me to design and assemble a finished floral artwork like the example above based on a flower project completed during a workshop, the prices are as follows for a cradled wood canvas.  The prices are the initial design work, plus canvas size of your choice.

Design Work: $100

Finished and Sealed Art on an 11×14 inch Canvas:  + $250

Finished and Sealed Art on a 12×16 inch Canvas:  + $350

Finished and Sealed Art on an 18×24 inch Canvas:  + $500

Finished and Sealed Art on an 36×48 inch Canvas:  + $950

Digital File:  + $300

Vivid Prints:  8×10″ = $26 each;  11×14″ = $32 each; 12×16″ = $40 each

Please message me at for package pricing and discounts for schools and non-profits.

Custom Designed Collaborative Art

If you would like to work with me on a custom design, for example, of a family home, portrait, favorite nature scene, pet portrait, please contact me for pricing.  Also, please contact me if you have any questions at or 208-991-2178.