Hello! Thanks for considering becoming a patron. I love my patrons! Each month I give free printable cards/artwork to you because you are amazing! Below is an example of a printable card and art file. Each artwork is 5×7 inches and the card is 10×7 to fold and fit into a 5×7 envelope of your choice.

Here is the September 2019 card.
Printable Greeting Cards by Laura Lynne Art starting at one dollar per month

The art membership is a sliding scale pricing starting at $1 per month so you can feel comfortable whatever your budget. Most printable cards on Etsy are going for $4 to $6 per download, however, I want all people to have the opportunity to have art in their homes and to send as cards. Feel free to share my art on social media as well with credits to @LauraLynneArt. All I ask is that you just don’t sell my art or use it in any advertising without written permission.

You can cancel or change your membership level at any time. Envelopes for 5×5 and 5×7 cards can be purchased online or at many craft stores in a variety of colors.

Signing up is easy via PayPal directly below, or via PayPal through Patreon. Patreon is nice because it’s an easy platform for me to have you vote on next art, be the first to see videos, participate in a community, and view work in progress.

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