magical trippy employee lounge mural painting by Laura Lynne in Chicago suburbs
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Painting a Magical Nature Company Lounge Mural

Magical Employee Break Lounge Nature Mural What a fun job this was to paint a three seasons lounge area for The Yetee Warehouse employees and visitors!  It was even more fun to revisit it a year later to see how the company decided to decorate the space.  They added props complete with artificial grass turf […]

public community mural sign painting in aurora illinois by laura lynne art
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Aurora Unity Community Mural Collaboration

Check Out This Beautiful Public Community Mural! Collaborative mural painting lead by me, Laura Lynne Art, and Catalina Diaz. This is my biggest mural and biggest project to date!  It was such a pleasure to work with Catalina and the Aurora community on this large scale sign mural painting.  This wall is 15×30′ long! Giant […]

cat mural work in progress
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Cat Mural

This bright and happy cat mural in a play room in Naperville is sure to please the fun cat lover in all of us!

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Oak Park Mini Mural of Turtle Astronomer with Be Noble Quote

Mural of turtle, or tortoise, looking through a vintage telescope with the quote “Be noble for you are made of stars, be humble for you are made of Earth located on the Green Line L bridge in Oak Park, Illinois,

Utility Box Mural with flowers and Bloom Where You Are Planted Quote
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Bloom Where You’re Planted Quote Art and Public Mural

I chose the “Bloom Where You Are Planted” design for the mural in downtown Aurora as a message of love and hope for the community. There are so many people working to make Aurora a better place to live, and it seems to be working. The downtown has changed dramatically since we’ve moved here. The musicals at the Paramount are incredible, the new murals have really brightened and livened up the city. Public areas are being remodeled and some excellent restaurants and coffee shops have moved into town. Beautiful butterfly gardens dress up the streets. Aurora Downtown, city workers and volunteers help to host fun free events, like First Fridays, Alley Art Fest, and others. I hope my mural has added to the positivity going on in downtown Aurora

Illustration of black and white papercut collage dragonfly flying over lily pads and lotus flowers
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Dragonfly Art and Change

Dragonfly fine art prints and the story behind the commission.

Yoga and Love help to make room for great creativity. T-shirt design and philosophy
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Creativity Hierarchy of Needs

Artist creates a hierarchy of creative needs based on Maslow’s famous pyramid.

Vintage firetruck with dalmation squirrel cardinal and sun
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Custom Fire Truck Artwork and Wall Art Prints

Custom Fire Truck Illustration Art for the Aurora Regional Fire Museum Researching Vintage Fire Trucks and Firefighters for the Art At the Alley Art Festival in Aurora, Illinois in August of 2016, I met the new Executive Director of the Aurora Regional Fire Museum, Brian Failing.  He asked me to do a project for the […]

stay relevant as an artist in age of AI art

How to Stay Relevant in the Age of AI Art

How Will AI Art Change My Career? You might be asking yourself this question.  Will corporations hire less artists in the future?  Most likely.  Will they pay us even less?  Most likely.  So then what is the point of making art in the age of AI or going to school for art?  I definitely don’t […]

Reading book list for artists seeking art careers

Book List for Artists Seeking Fine Art Careers

Book List for Artists Seeking Art Careers When I was in college there weren’t a lot of books to read regarding how to be a professional artist and how to run your art business, etc… I was left on my own, not having any direction in college about it either. I felt I either had […]

Set of four Sound of Music inspired wall art poster prints

The Sound of Music Inspired Art

Sound of Music Inspired Wall Art Prints When I was a young, I loved going to my grandma’s house.  Most often she liked to relax by reading in her chair, but occasionally she would watch programs on public tv.  One of the movies we used to watch when we visited was The Sound of Music […]

three seasons office mural art in chicago area

Best Places to Paint a Mural in Your Home or Office

Best Places to Paint a Mural in Your Home or Office Murals on a ceiling?  A bathroom mural? Do you want to add ambiance to a room?  Have you thought about adding a chinoiserie mural in a bathroom or bedroom?  There are so many great places to have murals painted in your home.  Mural artists […]

virtual nature art class macro insect watercolor and collage project

Nature and Art Collide in Virtual Classes for Kids

Zoom Art Classes for Children Focus on Nature Artist Laura Lynne was raised a nature lover.  Her parents often took their family on an array of outdoor activities including camping, fishing, rock climbing, etc…  Laura also spent a lot of time at her maternal grandparents small hobby farm with outdoor hammock naps, apple picking in […]

anniversary gift of flower art collage from whole family

Flower Bouquet Art Collage Gift

The Gift of a Flower Bouquet Art Collage Gather your grandchildren, your family, your 8th grade or senior class, etc… for a unique collage artwork gift.  Laura will lead you through 2 or more hour long zoom workshops to create a flower artwork, you’ll email a photo of your flower to Laura, then she’ll collage […]

preschool child painting watercolor in art class

Parent & Child Arts Classes: Create Art, Move, Sing, & Play!

All About Parent & Child Arts Classes! Calling Little Artists!  Mommy & Me Art Classes Express yourself through art, music and movement with local artist, Ms. Laura Lynne!  In this class parent and child will create relaxing process art between artful movement breaks.  Watch a shadow puppet play too! What is Process Art? Process art […]

Blue Sailboat with Full Moon and Ocean Illustration

Sailing Wall Art Illustration

Nature Artist Grew Up Sailing As an adult living in a different state, I realized how lucky I was to grow up and have the experiences I did as a child. My family cared about nature and taught us how to enjoy it through nature walks, camping trips, boating, fishing, and other outdoor activities. One […]

Corgi pet portrait painting in magical fairy woods by Laura Lynne in Chicagoland

Pet Portrait Paintings & Collages

Colorful Illustrative Pet Portraits in Chicagoland Check out the pet portraits I’ve done.  Being proficient in different painting media and styles, some of the portraits are created using cut paper collage.  Some are painted using gouache, which is a paint that is somewhere between watercolor and acrylic. This Westie or West Highland Terrier was created […]

before and after photo of mural wall improvement to city

How Mural Art Benefits Cities & Communities

How Does Mural Art Benefit Cities & Communities Last week I was asked to speak to a preschool class in my city as an example of a “Community Helper”.  I thought, “Really?  Me?  A mural artist?”  Surely, firefighters, detectives, and doctors save lives and are much more important in our society, but it got me […]