Bloom Where You’re Planted Quote Art and Public Mural

An Inspirational Quote Mural with a Positive Message for the Community

Utility Box Mural Painting Bloom Where You Are Planted Inspirational Quote

I chose the “Bloom Where You Are Planted” design for the utility box mural in downtown Aurora as a message of love and hope for the community. There are so many people working to make Aurora a better place to live, and it seems to be working. The downtown has changed dramatically since we’ve moved here in 2008. The musicals at the Paramount are incredible, the new murals have really brightened and livened up the city. Public areas are being remodeled and some excellent restaurants and coffee shops have moved into downtown. Beautiful butterfly gardens dress up the streets. Aurora Downtown, city workers and volunteers help to host fun free events, like First Fridays, Alley Art Fest, Roots, and others. I hope my mural has added to the positivity going on in downtown Aurora and that we see even more growth and roots here.  (The Bishop of Geneva, Saint Francis de Sales is credited with writing this quote.)

Mixed Media Art as Inspiration

Inspiration Quote Art

Here is the mixed media art that was done before the mural.  The background on the original art is green, however, I love adjusting colors on my computer to create new color schemes.  A print of this inspirational quote art is available for sale.    

The Artist’s Personal Connection

Over ten years ago I moved to Aurora, IL from Milwaukee, WI. I had lived in Wisconsin for 30 years before moving to Aurora, owned a home, had a good job, and felt very connected to my community. Aurora is growing on me, however, there are many things I miss terribly from my previous home state – the nature, lakes, parks left mainly in their natural state, and living closer to my family and friends. So, I made the art to remind myself to be present and thankful for what I have – to work on making our home a nice place to live, planting a literal garden, and to work on making friends and connections here.

Chicagoland artist, Laura Lynne, painting public mural


A Little About The Mural Painting Process

Sometimes my murals are inspired by a work of art I have already created and sometimes I design something totally new.  This mural was some of both.  I used the art seen above as inspiration, then custom designed the other three sides of the utility box so that the painting is continuous.  If you are ever in Aurora, Illinois, I hope you can see it!  

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    1. Hi Mireya! Thank you so much! I talked a little about how I developed my style in the speech I did for a local National Art Honor Society. If you have any questions, I’m happy to help. Good luck with your art!! Here is the link for the video if it helps:

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