Aurora Unity Community Mural Collaboration

Check Out This Beautiful Public Community Mural!

Collaborative mural painting lead by me, Laura Lynne Art, and Catalina Diaz.

This is my biggest mural and biggest project to date!  It was such a pleasure to work with Catalina and the Aurora community on this large scale sign mural painting.  This wall is 15×30′ long!

public community mural sign painting in aurora illinois by laura lynne art

Giant Paint by Number Mural!

We turned the wall into a giant paint by numbers.  First, the containers of paint were marked with the same number as the wall.  This made it easy for volunteers of all ages to participate.  Then, we gave the volunteers a little lesson on how to apply the paint and then let them get to work.  Many were so happy to be able to paint and beautify their community.  Others exclaimed how relaxing painting is.  I agree!  The photo below was from the day that a Girl Scout troop came to paint with us.

Mural painting instruction and classes by Laura Lynne Art in Chicago area

Organizing a Team of Mural Painting Volunteers

community mural painting volunteers chicago auroraWe created a sign-up genius to organize the volunteers and times.  Once the volunteers were onsite, they signed a waiver form.  Aurora Downtown, who sponsored the mural, helped us to spread the word about signing up to volunteer for the project.

It was really great to be able to help lead this mural project, especially since it is in the city where I live.

Here is a video that John and Joe from Vizo Arts created about the project.  That’s me on the right and Catalina on the left.

Mural Symbolism

The patchwork quilt analogy that people use for our country, as it is many different cultures sewn together, is also an applicable analogy for the city of Aurora.  We are a city of many people and cultures combined together in a beautiful setting along the Fox River.  The mural is also inspired by art nouveau design.  Vertical trumpet flowers tie in my utility box mural flowers on the West side of Aurora and are a symbol of growth along with the butterflies.  Mayan pyramid symbols mirror the Elks Lodge “The Mayan” building on Aurora’s Stolp Island.  We created our own symbol to honor the new pedestrian bridge as one of the many beautiful bridges in our city.  Other design elements are architecture from the Keystone building, Mastodons, stars (Aurora is the “City of Lights”), and the Paramount Theater sign all combined with eye-pleasing symmetry.

Aurora Unity Mural Line Drawing Design Plan by Laura Lynne Art

The Women Led Mural Team:

Laura Lynne Art and Catalina Diaz female artist team of the Aurora Unity Mural painting

I met Catalina working on the temporary plywood Black Lives Matter mural in downtown Aurora.  Javi Terrazas, the organizer and curator of The Art Bar in Aurora, connected us.   We have since been meeting weekly virtually in a Wednesday night art critique group.

Laura’s Experience:  Laura went to school for painting and drawing and completed her first mural in 2014.  Since then she has been loving painting murals around the Chicago area for private homes and companies.  Read more about Laura’s mural painting experience and see photos.

Cat’s Experience:  Cat went to school for illustration.   She worked on the temporary Black Lives Matter mural in downtown Aurora in the summer of 2020 and actively participates in Aurora’s Art Bar.  Read more about Catalina Diaz here:

The mural is located at 210 E Galena on the side of Mang-Kuk Restaurant in Aurora, IL.

female mural artist team on scissor lift painting large scale mural

This mural is sponsored by Aurora Downtown.

Photos by Vizo Arts

If you would like a mural in your community or home, or are interested in organizing a collaborative mural for your community, business or group, please contact me at 208-991-2178 or email

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