Celestial Sun and Star Large Mixed Media Statement Art

Celestial Sun & Star Mixed Media Statement Art

Large Scale Original Sun and Star Celestial Mixed Media Art in Blue by Laura Lynne“Namaste”, 2016, 36×36 inches, Mixed Media Collage

Original Mixed Media Starburst Art

Often when people see this artwork in-person they will remark about the texture and ask how long it took for me to create.  Each shape and color you see is hand cut with a scissors or hole punch, creating a raised surface as layers and layers are adhered to the wood panel.  The papers are arranged carefully until I get that little Konmari spark in my heart, then adhered to the surface.  Layers and layers of medium are added on top so the artwork can be wiped with a soft cloth without harming the collage.

Brightly Colored and Whimsical Wall Art

The background is painted a beautiful blue-green hue that does not translate very well in a digital image no matter how hard I try.  Mix in reds, pinks and lime greens to create a color combination that will be a focal point in your room.

How to purchase this original artwork:

This original mixed media collage is SOLD as of March 2022Prints of stars and suns are available here.

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