Painting a Magical Nature Company Lounge Mural

Magical Employee Break Lounge Nature Mural

What a fun job this was to paint a three seasons lounge area for The Yetee Warehouse employees and visitors!  It was even more fun to revisit it a year later to see how the company decided to decorate the space.  They added props complete with artificial grass turf and yellow outdoor reclining chairs.  I love the mushroom foot rest and radioactive squirrel too!  It’s just a space filled with trippy magic and so fun to visit.  The Yetee Warehouse used to be open twice a year to visitors for their bi-annual warehouse sale.  Follow them on social media for any updates as to when they will have public open hours.

three seasons magical nature mural by Laura Lynne Art in Chicago

Selfie Mural Wall & Lounge for Employees and Visitors

It was really fun to come back to the wall after a year with Amy Nelson Photography to take some photos.  A lot of companies are adding selfie walls and fun spaces for their employees and patrons.  It’s a great way to show the personality of your company, coffee shop, or office!  Also, it’s a great way to create a scene that your visitors and clients will remember.

Relaxing space in employee break room with mural by Laura Lynne Art      Business employee and visitor lounge mural by Laura Lynne in Chicago      magical company break room mural by Laura lynne

Don’t Miss these Painted Mural Details!

I painted a few little details in the space including, silly magical mushrooms.  Some of the animals I included are little Douglas Squirrels, mountain goats and a Banana Slug family.  Did I mention that this mural is inspired by the Pacific Northwest?  The large footprints in the middle snowy winter scene are yeti footprints.

unicorn pegasus and baby unicorn nest detail on painted mural

painted mural detail of Douglas squirrel giving mushroom

magical trippy employee lounge mural painting by Laura Lynne in Chicago suburbs

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