More About Laura Lynne – Artist and Mural Painter

Read More About Laura Lynne – Artist & Mural Painter

Here are a few of my favorite things: Nature, Games, Singing

Nature!  I love to go for hikes, swim in clean lakes, kayak, canoe, try to identify mushrooms, ice skate on frozen lakes, cross country ski, and bike.  Playing games with my family and extended family is high on the list. Some of my favorite games are rummy and Sheepshead, which is a card game passed down from the German side of my family, and Scrabble.  (The olive skin comes from the Sicilian side.)  Singing duets or harmony with people is another favorite.  My mom plays guitar so I grew up hearing her sing and play.

acoustic guitar and cowboy boots mixed media collage by Laura Lynne Art
Collage Detail, Guitar and Cowgirl Boots, 2017

Will Travel for Mural Work!

I try to travel as much as financially possible.  (Will gladly travel for mural work.)  In high school, I went on a month long exchange to Russia and saw Moscow and parts of Siberia around Yakutsk.  I also went on a trip to Mexico City with Spanish class.  The most amazing trip I went on was a travelling history and art history tour in college with Benita Goldman of Eastern Michigan University.  We visited art museums and historical sites starting in the UK, France, Belguim, Netherlands, Prague (so magical), Germany, Austria, Italy, Greece, Turkey (my favorite), Egypt (tied with Turkey), Jordan, and Isreal.

Portrait of artist Laura Lynne Art on bike trail in Aurora, IL
Photo by Amy Nelson Photography

Most of my travels involve camping in Wisconsin.  My most favorite place is in Door County, Wisconsin.  We visited often growing up as my grandma was born and raised there.  Her family owned a general store, which is now a pottery shop.  (I have a beautiful mug from the shop with poppies and a chickadee which were, coincidentally, some of her favorite things.)  Our days there consist of cooking over a camp stove, maybe hiking a bit, then finding a good beach with shallow water so it’s warm enough to swim.  (I’m not giving away my spot though the Chicago Tribune wrote about it in 2019 and lots more people were there than usual.  Oh well.)   Then we end the night with a campfire and smores, and some good WI beer for my husband, Tony.

Lately, I started a large vegetable garden in our yard and am learning more about that.

Path to Becoming an Artist

Currently, I live in Aurora, IL with my husband and son.  Tony and I both grew up and lived in the city and suburbs of Milwaukee before moving to IL in 2008.  I was lucky to live in Pewaukee, WI near the lake growing up, but still be close enough to Milwaukee and Chicago to take day trips to the cities to enjoy the culture and art museums.  In high school, I took a few college classes in photography, also figure drawing classes at the Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design.  Then, I went to school for painting and drawing, graduating from UW-Milwaukee’s Peck School of Art.  After that I became a successful artist.  Just kidding.  I worked in the corporate world for many years doing customer service and sales.  After my son was born, I used nap time to start building up an art and mural business.  Here is the first collage art I created for his baby nursery room.  It’s a family portrait of owls based on our family.


Cute and colorful owl family nursery wall art illustration print by Laura Lynne Art
Owl Family Nursery Art for Boys Room

Find out more about my art career by taking a look at my artist resume here or check out my shop to see more artwork.

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