Original Phoenix and Treehouse Mixed Media Collage Art

Original Phoenix and Treehouse Mixed Media Art

Red phoenix on orange sky with whimsical animals and treehouse original mixed media collage
The Treehouse, 2018, Mixed Media, 48 x 36″

This artwork tells the story of two sisters who were turned into phoenix.  They built a treehouse to escape an evil snake monster.  The curse was able to be broken, however two weeks out of every year they return to their phoenix form.

Large Scale Illustration Art For Sale

I’ve always loved illustration and wanted to go to school to be an illustrator after high school.  It’s something I gravitate towards in my artwork.

Textured Mixed Media Collage Art

The surface of my work is textured due to the layers and layers of paper.  I like to use all sorts of papers from found papers, to painted papers, and especially love metallic papers.  This mixed media collage has all sorts of papers, hand cut and layered to create the large scale artwork.

This original art is for sale.  Call or text me at 208-991-2178 or email hello@lauralynneart.com.

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