Pet Portrait Paintings & Collages

Colorful Illustrative Pet Portraits in Chicagoland

Check out the pet portraits I’ve done.  Being proficient in different painting media and styles, some of the portraits are created using cut paper collage.  Some are painted using gouache, which is a paint that is somewhere between watercolor and acrylic.

Westie Pet Portrait paper collage with colorful purple background by Laura Lynne Art

This Westie or West Highland Terrier was created using cut paper collage.

Corgi Custom Pet Portrait Painting in Yellow

Unique Mixed Media Pet Portraits in Large or Small Scale

Are you are looking for more of a fine art piece of your dog in the place it loved, or with it’s favorite toy, etc…?  Larger scale fine art paintings or mixed media artworks make excellent statement art pieces.  The corgi on the right was painted realistically with acrylic, then collaged onto a more abstract background with yellow and orange stripes.

Hello, Corgi!  The corgi above was painted using gouache and acrylic.  Gouache is similar to watercolor.  The reference photo for this one was the cute corgi peeking out of the bushes on a hot day, but I added flowers and mushrooms to embellish.  The client loved it!

Corgi pet portrait painting in magical fairy woods by Laura Lynne in Chicagoland

The pet portrait above is set in a magical birch forest.  The corgi sits on a mossy and flowery hill with little fairy houses in the background.  What a lucky dog!

Westie dog pet portrait illustration using mixed media collage art
The Blue Room, 2017, Mixed Media

The little Westie in this mixed media artwork is right at home on blue shag carpeting.  This portrait was based on my favorite room in my grandma’s house that had many houseplants, seashells and a beautiful table.

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