Sailing Wall Art Illustration

Nature Artist Grew Up Sailing

As an adult living in a different state, I realized how lucky I was to grow up and have the experiences I did as a child. My family cared about nature and taught us how to enjoy it through nature walks, camping trips, boating, fishing, and other outdoor activities. One of those activities was sailing.

My dad used to own a small racing sailboat that the four of us would crowd onto and sail around the lake we lived near in Wisconsin – Pewaukee Lake. I remember having to lean back in the boat and watching my head as the wood beam swung over it. The wind blew in my face as I huddled close to mom. It was fun being on the lake and listening to the sails blowing in the wind. When we caught the wind the boat seemed to cut through the water like a comb parts long straight hair.

Paper Cut Collage sailboat Mixed Media Wall Art Archival Print Reproduction

Wall Art Sailboat Prints of Original Mixed Media

Here is an illustration I did as part of a set of four nautical mixed media collages for a nursery. However, when I isolate the sailboat piece, it reminds me of the excitement of sailing I had growing up on Pewaukee Lake.

The original art was purple and navy blue, however, I often change colors digitally and liked the monochromatic blue for this design.  Buy this sailboat print and other nautical prints here.  


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