Flower Bouquet Art Collage Gift

The Gift of a Flower Bouquet Art Collage

Gather your grandchildren, your family, your 8th grade or senior class, etc… for a unique collage artwork gift.  Laura will lead you through 2 or more hour long zoom workshops to create a flower artwork, you’ll email a photo of your flower to Laura, then she’ll collage all of the flowers into a finished mixed media artwork for you to give as a birthday present, gift for the boss, mother’s day gift, 50th anniversary gift or class graduation gift to the school.  Here are some examples of collage artworks I’ve done using elementary children’s art.

art gift from grandkids for mothers day

Customizable Gift of Flower Art

Your flower art can be customized in the following ways:

  • Select your favorite colors for the background and flowers
  • Select your favorite types of flowers
  • Do you want a more modern looking vase or a more traditional one.  OR does your family have an heirloom vase you’d like for me to recreate?
  • Each family member or classmate can also receive a printed reproduction of the art as an add on

The collage below has a more traditional blue hand painted vase.  The examples of the flowers this preschool class created are on the left.  Laura also added a hand painted butterfly in this one.  
Floral Art collaboration with preschool classroom and artist Laura Lynne

Anniversary or Birthday Art Gift from the Whole Family

Do your parents have a special anniversary or big birthday coming up?  Laura can lead your family members of all ages in creating a beautiful flower collage or painting based off of your favorite flowers or let the family be creative and create flowers from their imaginations.  Each family member would send me a photo of their artwork and I’d create a unique and personal gift for the occasion.  Reveal the gift at the party!  


Laura has worked with many schools and families creating large and small scale artwork collaborations.

Read more about Laura here.

Contact me today for any questions or pricing at hello@lauralynneart.com or 208-991-2178.


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