Why I Use an Artist Critique Group

5 Reasons Why I Attend a Regular Art Critique

  1.  Education – One of the main reasons I like my art critique group is because I learn so much.  We share resources, tips, and ideas every week.  We connect each other with the tools we need to be more successful artists.
  2. Socializing and Networking – Most artists are pretty isolated.  We work in our studio all day and sometimes don’t see or talk to anyone for hours or days.  It can be very lonely at times.  Meeting with like-minded artists is a great way to break the studio monotony.  Many of us also don’t have any co-workers or a boss, or anyone to bounce ideas off.  Sometimes I come to critique just to vent about the art business.  I’ve met so many amazing artists and people in my critique group over the last few years.  It’s great to meet other artists who live near and far, who have different experiences and skills as I do.
  3. Accountability – Do you have trouble meeting deadlines or completing tasks?  Ask your critique group to follow up with you each week about your progress.
  4. Help Others – Helping another artist work through composition or questions in their work is truly rewarding.  Seeing the changes that come about from the critique group suggestions each week is very exciting.
  5. Get Advice – Finally, when I’m working on a big project and am so close to the work it’s hard to step away and see the big picture.  When compositions get complicated, or deadlines get tight and I need to make fast decisions, it’s really nice to have other eyes to look at the art.

5 Reasons to Attend a Monthly Art Critique via Zoom

Art Critique via Zoom

Our art critique group meets every week via Zoom.  If I had to leave the house to go to a critique, I probably wouldn’t go as regularly, especially with the Midwest weather in the winter months.  Zoom is great because artists from anywhere in the world can connect with each other.  Yes, we aren’t seeing details in the artworks or the craftmanship up close, but many of the artists in the group exhibit work so we have opportunities to see the art in-person.

Overall, it has been a big help and a big support to be in a critique group.  The other artists have become my friends and I look forward to seeing their faces each week.

Would You Like to Join Our Virtual Art Group?

If you are interested in attending a meeting or joining our group, we open up the group the first Wednesday of each month.  Find more information and register to attend a free art critique here.



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