Art Critique

Free Monthly Art Critiques via Zoom!

Hello!  Join a group of working artists for a free critique of your art the first Wednesday of the month at 7:30 CST, or just come to hang out with us.  We talk art, art business, and host special guests.  We can help you look at one of your pieces that just isn’t working for some reason.  Nervous about your art being judged?  Don’t worry, it’s Juxta Art Critique!

Juxta Art Critique free monthly art critiques via zoom

Do You Just Want to Hang Out with Artists?  Or Do You Want to Share Your Artwork?

Art Critique Option 1:  I Just Want to Hang Out with Artists

Just come hang out with us!  Talk art, or not.  If you simply want to observe or maybe you’re one of the shy artists like I used to be, here is the link to register for the zoom art meetings.

Art Critique Option 2:  I Want a Critique

You want your art critiqued and possibly be shared on our social media pages.  If so, upload your artwork here.  You’ll also need to register for the zoom art critique meetings here.

Art Critique Option 3:  I Want to be a Guest Speaker

You’re an artist and not shy about it.  You have something to share with us and want to be a guest speaker.  Thank you!!  Please register with the links in Option 2 and we’ll consider your request.

Art Critique Rules?

  1.  Use the word “juxtapose” in at least one sentence.  (Just kidding!)  We are super casual and don’t want you to be nervous about sharing your art.  We all want to learn from each other and be open to feedback.
  2. 18+ only.  This is an art critique and we are possibly going to be talking about some taboo subjects and possibly view graphic images.
  3. Be kind.  Yes, we are going to be critiquing art and may not have “kind” opinions all the time.  However, please don’t personally attack anyone in the meeting.  Be mindful of race, sexual orientation, age-ism, gender, etc…
  4. Add optional pronouns to your name in the Zoom meeting here.

    how to change name in zoom meeting

Art Critique FAQ

Q:  Does our opinion matter?

A:  Nope.

Q:  Will having my art critiqued improve my artistic ability?

A:  Maybe?

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