The Sound of Music Inspired Art

Sound of Music Inspired Wall Art Prints

When I was a young, I loved going to my grandma’s house.  Most often she liked to relax by reading in her chair, but occasionally she would watch programs on public tv.  One of the movies we used to watch when we visited was The Sound of Music with Julie Andrews.  The story and songs left a big impression on me as a child.   Being heavily influenced by nature and music, it was only a matter of time before I created art inspired by one of my favorite musicals.

Here is the set of four prints based on the song lyrics for “Climb Ev’ry Mountain“.  I created the original mixed media art for the second floor gallery of the Paramount Theater in Aurora, Illinois when they hosted The Sound of Music.  These original mixed media acrylic painted and collaged artworks hung in the gallery along with some of my other music and mountain inspired prints in 2022/23.

climb every mountain wall art print inspired by the Sound of music for sale          ford every stream sound of music wall art print for sale  

follow every rainbow wall art print for sale           Find your dream wall art print sound of music inspired illustration

Shop Sound of Music inspired prints here.  Original artworks in the set above are still available.  If you are interested in the original art, please contact me.

Bright and Colorful Follow Every Rainbow Illustration Art

In 2017, I made the first “Follow Every Rainbow” Sound of Music inspired mixed media paper collage.  Then, as I like to do, I made print reproductions in a variety of colors.  Since then, I had it in my mental list to create more in the series and never did until Javi Terrazas, the curator of the Paramount Gallery (second floor), asked me make some Sound of Music art for the gallery.

Follow every rainbow wall art print in purple inspired by The Sound of Music

Follow Every Rainbow wall art print in teal Follow Every Rainbow wall art print in yellow Follow Every Rainbow wall art print in magenta

Find Follow Every Rainbow prints here.

Do-Re-Mi Song Lyric Inspired Art

Luckily, I grew up with a lot of music and singing.  My mom plays guitar and uke and liked to sing while she did the dishes, make up silly songs about the dogs, and taught my sister and I how to sing harmony during road trips.  The scenes where Julie Andrews is teaching the kids to sing are some of my favorite.

Do-Re-Mi Sound of Music Deer inspired wall art print
Do, A Deer
Sun and Butterflies Pop Wall Art Poster for sale
Re, A Drop of Golden Sun

Do you love The Sound of Music too?  Did you see the show at the Paramount Theater in Aurora?  (It was fantastic and totally inspired a lot of spontaneous dish washing, car driving, hair washing renditions!)

Shop Sound of Music inspired prints here.  If you are interested in the original art, please contact me.

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