Best Places to Paint a Mural in Your Home or Office

Best Places to Paint a Mural in Your Home or Office

Murals on a ceiling?  A bathroom mural?

Do you want to add ambiance to a room?  Have you thought about adding a chinoiserie mural in a bathroom or bedroom?  There are so many great places to have murals painted in your home.  Mural artists can turn basements into a Tuscan landscape, a bedroom into a favorite vacation spot, or add color and whimsy to a children’s room or playroom.

Painting colorful and whimsical murals are my favorite!  In 2020, I painted a full playroom with colorful cats.  In 2017, I painted a sun and stars mural wall behind a crib.

four seasons cat mural in a child's play room in Naperville, Illinois
Detail of the four seasons cat playroom mural in progress.  

Creating a Whimsical Office Waiting Room or Break Room Mural

Sometimes factories and even office buildings can feel cold and uninviting.  It can make your employees or customers subconsciously feel the same way.  Have you thought about warming up your office with a mural?  Covering a wall from floor to ceiling in art creates an immersive experience.  It can temporarily offer some peace and respite for customers and employees alike.

Here is an example of a three seasons nature mural I painted near the entrance of a warehouse building.  See how fun the company decorated the space to create an immersive feeling!

three seasons office mural art in chicago area
Colorful and whimsical office break room mural by Laura Lynne Art.  Photo by Amy Nelson.  

Where is the best place to paint a mural?

I’d say anywhere, but I am biased!  Still not sure?  Contact me for a free mural consultation at or 208-991-2178.  I can work in many different styles besides my own from impressionistic to realistic.

Want to read about more places artists have painted murals?  Check out this Redfin article where Laura Lynne Art is quoted: Experts Share 28 Unique Places to Install a Mural in Your Home, Redfin Blog, March 1, 2022.

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