LGBTQA Owl Family Portrait Illustrations

Two years ago when I made an owl family portrait collage for my son’s nursery,  I’d wanted to make more owl families, but got busy with other projects.  When Ben from the About Face Theater in Chicago contacted me about donating to their annual auction at the Wonka Ball, I knew it was time to make new Owl Family Portraits.

You can bid on these two original owl family collages at the 2015 Wonka Ball on April 10th.

By the way, the About Face Theatre is giving 30% of the bid amount back to the artists, which is really nice.  I would have donated anyway, but it feels good to be appreciated.

Love makes a family and love wins!

More owls:

Illustration of a mother, father, and two baby owls sleeping on branch
Sleeping Owl Family Illustration
lesbian owl couple illustration
Owl Couple

Here is the first owl portrait I did of our family:

gender neutral owl family of three with deep blue background
Owl Family of Three

*If you would like a custom Owl Family Portrait, please contact me.  Also, please see my shop for more Owl Family Portraits and Love Birds here.

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