How to Stay Relevant in the Age of AI Art

How Will AI Art Change My Career?

You might be asking yourself this question.  Will corporations hire less artists in the future?  Most likely.  Will they pay us even less?  Most likely.  So then what is the point of making art in the age of AI or going to school for art?  I definitely don’t have the answers, but wanted to share a list of how I think artists might be able to stay relevant in the age of AI (artificial intelligence created) Art.

  1. People will still want to wear unique, artist and designer-made jewelry and clothing.
  2. Mural painting, especially on a rough surface or location where it is difficult to install a printed design, will still be needed.
  3. When photography became mainstream, it changed the course of art as well.  Perhaps, art that is heavily textured, painterly, or sculptural may be more desirable as it will differentiate from the mostly flat and printed AI art.
  4. Art direction.  At this point, AI art needs to be told what to create.  Refining the artwork will still need a skilled artist or graphic designer, and experienced art director.
  5. Tattoo Artist.  Until there is a machine that can tattoo people safely, and if tattoos stay in vogue…
  6. Art teachers are still important.  Read why below.

Why Should I Study Fine Art Now?  What is the point?

Art is relevant for many careers outside of the art industry.  For example, drawing teaches us to look deeply at details.  It is an important exercise for detectives to train their eyes and minds.  Also, it is a very good way to learn the details of anatomy.  To draw from life is to study it intensely.

Also, creating art keeps the hands strong and dexterous.  Surgeons, and other professions, need to practice art to keep their hands moving and help their fine motor skills.  Knitting, woodworking, cross-stitching and sewing are especially helpful.

Creating an artwork from our imagination teaches creativity, problem solving and executive function which are important skills in most every career.

There will still be a need for artists, but maybe less so?

stay relevant as an artist in age of AI art

Art is an Important Therapy and Relaxing Hobby

Learning how to create art in a way that helps an individual to get “into the flow” is a great way to relax.  For young children or people who cannot express their emotions or experiences in words, it is an important therapeutic tool.  Sometimes a trauma is so repressed or so unspeakable that art is the only way a person may feel safe in expressing it/releasing it.  Teaching drawing and the elements and principles of design will give people the tools they need to express themselves visually.  In schools and in our free time, art can provide a safe and engaging (both physically and mentally) escape from reality.

AI Tools Can Help Your Art Career?

One artist I know, Anupam Das, uses AI as a sort of personal assistant.  He argues that many famous artists in the past have had large workshops with many apprentices.  If you already have a developed art style, he says to think of AI as your team of apprentices.

Humans Need Art.  If art is important to you, keep going and you’ll find a way to stay relevant.
What ways do you think AI art will change your career or the path of art’s history?





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