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When my friends moved to Oak Park from Milwaukee shortly after college I visited them and saw this long “Wall of Murals” by the Green Line L. I thought, “It would be so cool to have a painting there someday!” 14-ish years later, here I am painting one!

Part of the “Wall of Murals” along the Oak Park CTA Green Line L Bridge

Thank you to the Oak Park Area Arts Council for this opportunity! The people of Oak Park and the businesses were very supportive while I was painting. The address for this mural is approximately 719 South Blvd, Oak Park, Illinois. (It’s two murals away from the one of Val if you want to check it out.) By the way, it was amazing how many people stopped to see the mural that was in honor of Val of Val’s Halla Records. She must have been quite a person!

Finished Turtle Astronomer with Vintage Telescope and Be Noble Quote

The design is based on a series of artworks I did in 2014. Read more about the inspiration for the design design here.

The design for this mural is available for purchase as a signed Archival Fine Art Reproduction. Click here to purchase.

Oak Park Mini Mural Turtle Telescope with Quote Print
Turtle Astronomer with Be Noble Quote Fine Art Print

It is a privilege to share my artwork with you! These mixed media artworks and digitally altered prints take a lot of time and love, not to mention resources. If my art has sparked any feelings of happiness or joy, please consider making a monthly pledge. Anything from the cost of a cup of coffee to a new sketchbook helps so much. Your support is very important to me!

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