Welcome to Your Instagram POD!   

The idea is to help boost each other’s posts in the Instagram algorithm.  Supposedly posts that get a lot of likes and comments within the first hour have a chance to be shown to more people.  The other benefit is that potential clients and current followers will see all of the positive comments on your posts.  Reading good things about our creations boosts us up!


  1.  Schedule a post or post at the start of your timeframe (See info about scheduling posts on Facebook Business Suite.)
  2. Find your post in your feed and click on the three dots to the right
  3. Click “Copy Link”
  4. Post link in the group chat for your timeframe on or around your starting time
  5. Like and comment on everyone else’s posts within the hour


  1. Post a minimum of three characters or words on each person’s post
  2. If you miss the hour timeframe, kindly wait until next week
  3. If the timeframe no longer works for you, please let me know (If you have to skip a week or weeks, no worries.)
  4. Comments must be positive or ask a question
  5. If you are making inappropriate comments, you will be removed
  6. If you plan to change your style of art, please let me know.  (Gory art and art with adult content has a separate group.)

If you have any questions, please either post it in the group chat for your timeframe or message me privately via IG.  Thanks so much for being a part of this group!!

**If you know an artist who may want to join the group, please private message me their IG handle so I can make sure they are a good fit.

Disclaimer:  Some people say that this type of group will get you “shadow banned” from Instagram.  Please do not participate if you do not want to take the risk.  Also, I will do my best to keep up with the latest Instagram news, but if you read something related to social media that might help our group, please share it in the group chat on Instagram or message me so I can share with the group/s. 

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