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Laura Lynne Studios

Would you like a YouTube video for your artwork, website, business, music?  Do you have a lot of footage, but none of it edited?  Is editing software overwhelming for you?  I will be offering video editing services starting March 2021.


Editing Only

Email me up to 10 minutes of film, up to 10 high-res photos, 5 minutes of audio/mp3 files (original or licensed music only), your logo (preferably in a png file), any other branding information (font, colors, style) and I will create a short video for you!

Special Limited Offer:  $150 for the first 3 minutes of edited film, $100 per minute for any additional editing

Additional Charges:

-Music Licensing or Custom Music


Filming & Editing

Due to Covid, I won’t be doing any filming at this time.

Content Stipulations

No adult content.

Free Consultations

Email me at or call 208-991-2178 to discuss your project.