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Laura Lynne – Mixed Media Artist and Muralist

Hello!  My name is Laura and I am a mixed media artist and mural painter living in Aurora, IL which is about 40 miles west of Chicago.  I’ve painted murals in Aurora as well as other places in Chicagoland and Wisconsin.  As of March 2020, interior murals in homes and businesses are on hold, however, please contact me for any exterior private or public mural projects.

Laura Lynne Art working on a mural

High Quality Paints

I use high quality mural paints for both interior and exterior paintings.  Making sure the paints have a high lightfastness rating means the colors stay vibrant.

Oak Park Illinois Murals by CTA Green LIne Stop
Wall of Murals by CTA Green Line Stop in Oak Park, Illinois

Oak Park, Illinois “Wall of Murals” by the CTA Green Line Oak Park Stop. I painted “Turtle Astronomer” in 2019. The “Mini Murals” have been painted by a variety of artists over many years. It’s quite impressive and creates a fun atmosphere on that street.  Check it out if you are in the Chicago area.

Custom Designs to Fit Your Space

I design custom murals to fit your space and your ideas.  We will work together on any edits in the rough drawing plan to make sure it’s the best fit for your room.  When I’m working on a project I feel it’s really important to communicate along the way to make sure we are both on the same “page” for the project.  Here is a rough drawing plan of a mural that wrapped around an entire room.  Read more about it here.

rough drawing of a cat mural

Choose a Design

Most of my designs translate very well into mural paintings. Colors and compositions can be easily adjusted. Commission your own idea, or take a peek at my art for inspiration. Below are some examples of how my designs would look on exterior walls.

Pink peacock wall art

Celestial Hot Pink Peacock Mural Plan Mock-Up


Alternative Mural Options and Materials

The mural below was printed and adhered to a metal base.  There are a lot of new materials and alternative options for murals besides applying the paint directly to the wall.  This mural for domestic violence awareness is mounted outside of Water Street Studios in Batavia, IL.  Read more about the non-profit mural project here.

“Soar” Mural for Domestic Violence, Water Street Studios, 160 S Water St, Batavia, IL 60510

Chicago artist working on public mural

Oak Park turtle mural in progress.

Free Consultations

Please contact me for a free consultation at or 208-991-2178.

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