Invest in a one-of-a-kind piece for your art collection.  By purchasing an original collage or painting by Laura Lynne, you will be able to chose the subject, colors, and size to suit your space.  Laura’s bold style, sense of color, use of a variety of papers and textures in her artwork, including eye-catching metallic papers, are sure to be the center of attention.


Free Consultation-

We’ll talk about your ideas for the piece, for example, colors, size, animals, emotions, etc…  Please show me as much reference material as you can to give me the best idea of colors in the room, furniture design, artwork, or photos of pets, for example.


I’ll write out what we talked about along with pricing information.

Rough Composition Sketch Review-

I’ll show you 2-3 rough sketch ideas to see the composition and elements in the design.

Progress Review-

I view commissions as a team project where we work together to create the perfect piece for your space.  I’ll send photos of the progress so you can give feedback along the way.

Finished Collage Reveal-

After the collage is glued, it is sealed with layers of medium and varnish to protect it.  I recommend framing it as soon as possible or storing it flat until ready to frame.  Caring and framing for a collage is similar to watercolor artwork.


Fees and pricing vary based on subject matter, size and level of background complexity.  If I’ve done your subject before, for example owls or lobsters, I won’t have to do as much research and the price may be lower.  Please contact me for a free consultation via


12×16                $350.00 and up

20×24              $550 and up


12×16                $750 and up

20×24              $1,000 and up



If you have completed a manuscript, please contact me.



“I ordered a custom art piece with a bighorn sheep for my son and I am so thrilled with it. I get a happy feeling looking at it, as it is bright and cheery. The artist worked closely with me to make sure this was what I wanted. I am so pleased with it and it looks so good above his crib.”  -Jessie, California

“I could not be more thrilled. I was able to afford a more personalized gift than I thought I could and I am eagerly anticipating giving the gift this week. Also, I never doubted by feedback was welcomed throughout the process, which was fantastic!”

“My expectations were exceeded above and beyond. She hit a personal note with me through the sun piece with 5 butterflies. The colors are vibrant and the design is of exceptional quality.” -Kristin, Colorado

“Uplifting. Just as the sailboat is buoyed up by the water, so the viewer is buoyed up by your art. Thank you!” – Edwin, California



Here is a list of my current retail locations:

-Aurora Regional Fire Museum Gift Shop, Aurora, IL (Firetruck Originals and Prints)

-Buzz Café, Oak Park, IL (Framed Prints)

-Kitchen Sink, Chicago, IL (Framed Prints)

Please contact me regarding licensing and wholesale pricing at  To view and purchase prints, please go to my Etsy shop at