Art & Print Care Instructions

Thank you so much for buying my art!  My goal is for you to be 100% satisfied with your purchase.  If, for any reason, you are not completely satisfied, kindly contact me.  Your feedback helps me to be a better artist and business owner.

About Your Fine Art Print:

Your print is archival, produced with high quality pigment inks, on 100% cotton fine art paper.

Hang your print anywhere you’d like, but if you’re interested in keeping the colors of this print vibrant for decades, or even longer, then see the care instructions below:

  • Keep out of direct sunlight.
  • Avoid moisture and extreme temperatures.
  • Hang the artwork in cool, dry places (68 – 70 degrees Fahrenheit)
  • Use a frame with UV protected glass.
  • Use a mat or spacer to separate the art from the glass.  This will keep it from sticking to the glass and assist with moisture control.

About Your Original Mixed Media Collage:


Collages created after 2019:

If you purchased a collage made after 2019, your collage has all, or mostly all, archival collage materials like acid-free and lignan-free tissue paper, hand-painted papers, and my photographs printed on cotton paper with pigment inks.  The acrylic paints I use are Golden brand with the highest lightfastness.  When finished, I coat all collages in layers of gloss medium and varnish to seal.  

Collages created before 2018:

If you purchased a collage made before 2018, your collage may have been created using non-archival collage materials like magazine papers or newspaper.  If so, please follow the care guidelines listed above to prolong the colors in your art.  If you are unsatisfied by the way your artwork has changed over time, kindly contact me so we can discuss options for making your collage archival at  


Thank you again so much for purchasing my art!
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