hand painted puzzle with owls on a branch and a rainbow behind

The Aurora Art Scene

It saddens me to think people are going to associate the art that was displayed during the 2018 Fox River Arts Ramble at the Aurora Public Library with other artists in Aurora or the art scene here in general.  The art at Aurora Public Library is in no way representative of the art scene or artists in Aurora.  One of the reasons why I like living in Aurora is because it is diverse.  The art community reflects that diversity.  If you want a truer representation of the art scene here, come visit the Art Bar at Two Brother’s Roundhouse every First Friday, go to Gallery 1904, the grassroots Alley Art Fest the last weekend in August, the Aurora Public Art Commission gallery, etc…

I am not going to pretend I’ve never created provocative art that has been censored in a public place (in college regarding FGM).  However, it saddens me to think one of the hijab-wearing girls who walk to school past our house saw the poem on display at the Aurora Public Library and felt scared.  While there may be a place for provocative art, and certainly a place and time for thoughtul discourse, that place is NOT in the lobby of a public library or on the public Facebook page.

Here I am next to Fisk Creations doing live art during a First Friday event hosted by If These Walls Could Talk Custom Framing and Gallery.

inclusive diverse artist community aurora illinois art scene public art display

Live Art in Aurora, Illinois @Fiskcreations and @LauraLynneArt (upper left)

Check out the many artists in Aurora on Instagram.  I’m not going to list them all, but @the_artbar is a great place to start.

“Thoughts lead to words lead to actions” is what I learned from Kim Schwartz in my yoga teacher training.  Let’s be kind.




Music Inspired Art

Grateful Dead lyrics can be so beautiful, mysterious and with lovely nature references.  The piece below was inspired by the song, Ripple, written by Robert Hunter and Jerry Garcia.  Here are some of the lyrics:

“If my words did glow with the gold of sunshine
And my tunes were played on the harp unstrung
Would you hear my voice come through the music
Would you hold it near as it were your own?…
Ripple in still water
When there is no pebble tossed
Nor wind to blow
Reach out your hand if your cup be empty
If your cup is full may it be again…”
grateful dead song lyric inspired art poster design of ripple, harp with no strings, trippy hippie artwork by artist Laura Lynne

Ripple #2, 2018, Digitally Altered Mixed Media Papercut Collage


Often, I’ll digitally alter my art to create a few different color versions for prints.  The original hand cut paper collage was light green and white, but I really like how the red and light blue one turned out.  (Sometimes I like the digitally colored versions better than the original!)

Grateful Dead Fan Art based on ripple song lyrics with ripple, musical bars, harp with no strings

Ripple #2, 2018, Digitally Altered Mixed Media Papercut Collage

Prints are available on Etsy.  All prints are archival, printed with ink on 100% cotton fine art paper.  They are open edition because they are giclee prints AND it would suck if my favorite musicians only released 200 copies of their songs.  I would never do that to you.  🙂

Also, check out my Scarlet Begonias lyric inspired piece on Etsy here.  Dark Star inspired art here.


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Dragonfly and Change

On one of my trips to Wisconsin I laid on a hammock and looked up at many dragonflies zipping around at a fast pace to catch insects.  I see them on ponds and watched them gliding over the water and resting on lily pads while canoeing in northern Wisconsin.

The dragonfly is a symbol of changing direction in your life.  This piece was commissioned by someone who’s mother was going through a major life change.  Here is the finished commission piece I completed in 2015.

dragonfly papercut collage with green lily pads and pink lotus flowers over blue water

Dragonfly, Mixed Media, 2015

Clients responded to this piece so much that I went on to edit it and change the colors and composition digitally to create two more pieces:


To purchase prints, please visit my shop.

Creativity Hierarchy of Needs

Giving this working artist bit a try, I have a lot of time to think all day now that my baby is in full day kindergarten…  I’m also reading The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron.  It has led me to thinking about how to sustain creativity and health.  What do we need to do to refuel our creative tank, be healthy and a productive art maker?

I think about Maslow’s hierarchy of needs and what he wrote about being your best self.  He studied famous people in history, like Abraham Lincoln, to find out what they did to become fully actualized human beings.  Maslow found that we need first to have our physiological needs met, then safety, love/belonging, esteem and only then can we have self-actualization and reach our highest potential.

Yoga, also, is a system for self-actualization.  It helps your mind, body and spirit be the healthiest it can be.  It helps your body to sit or stand comfortably for long periods of time while writing, painting, drawing or playing music.  If I were to create a heirarchy for creativity, it would look something like the one below.

Laura Lynne Art's Version of Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs

I feel so very lucky to have my basic needs, or bottom tier, met (thanks to my dear husband, his employer, and living within our means) and wish everyone in the world had theirs met too.  How amazing would our world be if everyone was walking around with a full belly, a peaceful mind, and had the capacity to work on their creative projects?

For the sake of design and t-shirt design, I simplified my little hierarchy to this:

Yoga and Love help to make room for great creativity. T-shirt design and philosophy

Laura Lynne Art Hierarchy of Needs Based on Maslow’s Psychology

Here is the papercut work in progress:

Papercut work in progress

Hierarchy of Needs Papercut Work in Progress

To find out more about Maslow and see his hierarchy, click here.

Yoga tote bags available here.  Yoga t-shirts available here.

extra large yoga tote bag or grocery bag with art love yoga pyramid

Yoga Tote Bag




16 Free-ish Ways to Support the Artist in your life

Wall space may be tight and there are so many amazing artworks out there.  I am so grateful for all the support I’ve received so far. Here is a list of FREE to low-cost ways to support the artists in your life:

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  • Write a PR article and send it to your paper.
  • Feature art on your blog with the artist’s permission, of course.
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  • Pin business cards on a community boards.
  • Exhibit and/or sell art at your high-traffic restaurant or business.
  • Attend an art fair (free to minimal entry fee).  View my schedule.

Do you know any other free ways to support the artist in your life?  I’d love to read your comments.

(Of course, there are ways to support your artist without taking up more wall space…  Want a beautiful painted calendar page printable each month?  Sign up for a Laura Lynne Art membership here:  http://www.patreon.com/lauralynneart.  Depending on your level of membership, you will get exclusive members only content, discounts on art, yearly art packages, etc…)

8-21-17 Total Solar Eclipse Art

On Monday, August 21st 2017, our family had a little solar eclipse party.  But, first I spent a little time creating the eclipse art below by using the computer to merge two of my original collages.

Blue and Orange Total Solar Eclipse Paper Collage Art Print by Laura Lynne Art

Dark Star, Digitally Altered Paper Collage, 2017

We had read online about some fun, silly things to do during the eclipse, bought some glasses and got our mason jars of water ready to get infused with eclipse light.  My husband turned on a Dark Star compilation by Grateful Dead and drank Moon Man beer.  We watched the eclipse and talked about our goals for the year.  I’m so grateful to have this fun family and for all we have created!  Happy Eclipse Day, USA!

Here is another version of the eclipse sans butterflies:

Total Solar Eclipse of the Sun paper collage art by Laura Lynne with planets stars and galaxies and moons

Dark Star III, Digitally Altered Paper Collage, 2017

Did anyone else see this through their eclipse glasses?  No?  Hmmm…  😉

To purchase prints, please go to my Etsy shop.



Alley Art Festival 2017 Poster Design

This was one of the most challenging commissions yet.  Honestly, I got a bit of artist’s block at first, mainly due to thinking of all of the amazing Alley Art Fest posters of the past.  I had a very tough act to follow doing a poster after artists like Chris Hodge (@chodgeart), Joanna Goss (@jowayseeker), Jaime Torraco (@kittensofindustry), and Don Picton (@friendprices)!  The poster by Kittens of Industry last year, I felt, perfectly illustrated the bohemian charm of Aurora’s grassroots art fair.

So, I started looking for inspiration by researching past and present poster design, like the elaborate borders and symmetrical designs of Justin Helton (@statusserigraph).  The Art Nouveau poster designs of Edward Penfield and Alphonse Mucha have long been some of my favorites. Then, as I was looking on Instagram one night, I happened to see Greta Bell’s (@gretabellart) beautiful interpretation of the Paramount Theatre’s ceiling light.  I’ve often marveled at theater design and have taken photos of the decorative lights and murals.  When I saw Greta’s painting, I knew I wanted to use the same subject for inspiration in my poster design (without copying it, of course).  See Greta Bell’s beautiful Paramount Theatre light painting and other artwork here: https://www.facebook.com/Greta-Bell-114605011801/

It’s been so great to meet and learn from the artists in my community.  I’m so grateful to have met so many talented people!  Thank you so much, Marissa Amoni, for asking me to do the poster for this year’s event!

Here is my 2017 Alley Art Festival Poster Design:

Alley Art Fest Poster Design 2017 based on Paramount Theater Light by Laura Lynne Art

To purchase a print, please visit me at Alley Art Fest!!  If you can’t make it or live far away, you can purchase a print here: https://www.etsy.com/listing/535438998/poster-design-poster-art-graphic-design

Have Laura Lynne Art design your next gig poster.  Message me here for pricing and package information.