Linkedin Profile PicLaura Lynne is a hand cut paper artist living with her husband and son in Aurora, IL.  She grew up in a small lake community in Pewaukee, Wisconsin and studied art in Madison before graduating with a Bachelor of Fine Art from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee’s Peck School of the Arts.  Becoming a mom has inspired her to make beautiful, whimsical, bold art for her friends and her baby’s nursery room.

Her art is inspired by nature, memories, and dreams.  As a child, she was taught to appreciate the beauty and intricacies of the natural world.  She also likes including silly stories in the art, for example, the fisherman who doesn’t know there is an enormous musky underneath his hook.

For the collages, she uses a variety of papers, including tissue, wrapping, magazine, and handmade. So, each color you see is individually cut with a scissors. The studio looks like piles of confetti with varying shapes, colors and sizes when she is working on a new piece!

The high quality ink prints are all based on, or scanned from the hand-cut paper collages.  Sometimes, she’ll change the colors digitally to create a new feeling in the print.

When her friends started having babies and decorating their nurseries, she knew that she wanted to halt her formerly serious, feminist artistic style and do something more fun and light.  The chain store art that she saw seemed boring and uninspiring.  Planning the nursery (and leaving the draining, straining corporate world) sparked a rewarding creative path, creating art for her son, family and friends.

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