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Did you have a room in an old house, relative or friend’s house that you absolutely loved? For me that was my grandmother’s “Blue Room.”

Every room in her house was painted and decorated with a different color. The Blue Room had blue carpet, blue walls, lots of plants, a light blue couch, jars of seashells, and a view of the apple trees and barn on their 5 acre hobby farm. The little dog is my grandma’s pet McTavish, a West Highland Terrior who used to live there. I can no longer visit the room, but it’s nice to be an artist so I can recreate it and have a reminder of it in my own home. If you would like a portrait illustration of a room you used to know or a pet portrait, please contact me for a commission. Prints are available of The Blue Room and The Green Room here.

Mixed Media Room Portrait Illustration with West Highland Terrior
Mid Century Modern Room Portrait Art

I made a green version of this image too.

It is a privilege to share my artwork with you! These mixed media artworks and digitally altered prints take a lot of time and love, not to mention resources. If my art has sparked any feelings of happiness or joy, please consider making a monthly pledge. Anything from the cost of a cup of coffee to a new sketchbook helps so much. Your support is very important to me!

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