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If you want to support a visual artist, like me, for example, but don’t need or can’t afford any art, then consider this list of FREE to low-cost ways to support the artist in your life:

  • Follow your artist on social media
    • Instagram
      • Follow
      • Comment on the posts
      • Share posts by using the repost app, or tag and hashtag any shared art (For example, @LauraLynneArt and #LauraLynneArt)
    • Facebook
      • Like their art page
      • Follow their page
      • Like the posts
      • Make a relevant comment on their posts
      • Post to the page if allowed
      • Share the posts with the artist tags or website link
  • Comment on blogs.
16 free ways to support artists


  • Favorite Etsy shop
  • Favorite Etsy Listings
  • Please share, share, share everywhere (with tags, links and credits please)
    • Share on Pinterest
  • Write a PR article about your favorite artist and why they are relevant/important then send it to your paper.
  • Feature art on your blog with the artist’s permission, of course.
  • Write a blog about art and include the artist.  (Let’s trade!  Please contact me.)
  • Tell your favorite interior designer about your favorite art.
  • Tell your favorite gallery about your favorite art.
  • Sign up for my email list to receive a newsletter.
  • Write a grant.
  • Pin business cards on community boards.
  • Exhibit and/or sell art at your high-traffic restaurant or business.
  • Attend an art fair (free to minimal entry fee).  View my schedule.

Do you know any other free ways to support the artist in your life?  I’d love to read your comments.

(Of course, there are ways to monetarily support your artist without taking up more wall space… Check out my patron page here.  Or check if your artist has a Patreon page.)

It is a privilege to share my artwork with you! These mixed media artworks and digitally altered prints take a lot of time and love, not to mention resources. If my art has sparked any feelings of happiness or joy, please consider making a monthly pledge. Anything from the cost of a cup of coffee to a new sketchbook helps so much. Your support is very important to me!

Pledge Monthly

♥ $1-5 month
♥ $10 month
♥ $25 month
♥ $50 month
♥ $100 month

Pledge One-Time

You can also become a Spontaneous Supporter with a one-time donation in any amount: