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My husband, Tony, is a HUGE Phish fan.  He’s been to over 100 shows and counting.  Luckily, when I met him Phish was on a break.  (I think he was bored, since his favorite band wasn’t touring.)  I soon found out that this music is very important to him.  Don’t get me wrong, I love music, but didn’t understand the deep connection he had with this band and their concerts.

When Phish got back together, we went to some shows together and I was hooked.  The energy of the crowd was incredible…  the lights…  the moments when the music takes your heart and aligns it with the beat of the universe…  I wish we could afford to tour or go to more shows together as it was such a bonding experience (ahem: buy my art please),  especially, since I’m starting to learn when to throw the glow sticks!

Happy Baby Fishman Owl, Digitally Altered Paper Collage, 2016

(The piece above is a digitally altered version of the first Fishman donut wearing owl I did in 2014.  I wanted this owl print to look happier, with more harmonious colors.)

(The middle image below is a version of one of my ram collage prints that I digitally altered with Fishman doughnuts.  A couple of Phish fans in New Jersey decorated their baby girl’s nursery with one of the Phish owl prints and wanted something else to match it.)

(Below is the first Fishman owl I did in 2014.)

phish nursery art for boy owl room
Phish Owl, Paper Collage, 2014

So, it’s a good thing I am now a Phish fan.  I’m not sure we would be married right now if I’d decided that I didn’t like this band, right Tony?  Lol.  We are even raising a cute, little Phish fan together now.

If you want me to add Fishman donuts to one of my existing designs or want to purchase a print please visit my shop.  If you are interested in licensing one of my images (The happy baby owl would look so cute on a kids’ shirt, wouldn’t it?) please contact me.

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