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Custom Fire Truck Artwork and Wall Art Prints

Vintage firetruck with dalmation squirrel cardinal and sun

At the Alley Art Festival in Aurora, Illinois in August of 2016, I met the new Executive Director of the Aurora Regional Fire Museum, Brian Failing.  He asked me to do a project for the museum – a series of prints to sell in the museum shop.

I started doing research at the Aurora Historical Society, digging up old photos of Aurora.  It was really amazing to see what Aurora looked like in the 1800’s and early 1900’s.  Seeing the photos of the beautiful buildings and crowded streets made me appreciate the city where I live more.  I’m so thankful for that.

Vintage firetruck with dalmation squirrel cardinal and sun Vintage Fire Truck with Dalmation, Digitally Altered Paper Collage Print, 2017[/caption]

Next, I went to the museum to do more research on the fire history and vintage fire trucks.  Their library was so nicely organized.  I collected a lot of material, including photographs of their fully restored fire trucks.  Then I went to work creating three original collages.

This museum is a unique gem in Aurora.  The architecture is beautiful.  If you have kids they have a very nice play area within the museum, including books, a fire house, fire gear to wear, and lots of toy firetrucks.

Aurora Regional Fire Museum Illustration Aurora Regional Fire Museum Illustration, Paper Collage, 2017[/caption]

Vintage Fire Truck, Paper Collage Art, 2017

I am so grateful to have been able to help a non-profit in my community. 

Thank you to all of the firefighters in Aurora and everywhere!!

Do you love fire trucks?  Are you planning a firefighter or fire truck nursery or kids room?  You can order a fire truck print with your city’s name on it and a reproduction of the Aurora Regional Fire Museum in my shop.


2 thoughts on “Custom Fire Truck Artwork and Wall Art Prints

  1. My name is Clare Petersohn Augustine and am on the Board of the Fire Museum. Brian sent me this link and I would just like to thank you for the kind words and the awesome art!

    1. Hi Clare! You are very welcome! It was a fun project. I hope the prints sell well for the museum!

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